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Client Request

The first step in the design process involves a request and a review of requirements to determine the level of effort, timeline to complete the work, and any other project specific considerations that need to be met as part of the working engagement.

Work Order Approval

Once all the requirements have been revealed, and the timeline set, the work order can be drafted and approved by parties involved. Work can then begin in earnest based on the agreed terms in the work order.

Check-ins & Milestones

Based on the needs and agreed terms in the work order, some longer projects do well with regular check-ins and milestone deliveries to help keep the project on track and to surface any previously unforseen challenges along the way.

Design Deliverables

Design is ready to complete the work as agreed upon and as discussed along the way during regular check-ins and milestone celebrations. This involves a formal final review to check all requirements are being met so final compensation for work can be confidently provided for all services provided.

Work Order Receipt

Once the final agreed upon compensation is received, receipt of work and all related materials including design source files, guides, documentation, or anything else that may have been requested as part of the work completed is to be delivered in full.

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