August 10th, 2022

The End of Pimcore X, Pimcore 11 is On the Way!

This article appeared in What’s New in Pimcore Minor Releases 10.4 and 10.5, check out the original article for additional links and detail not depicted here.

User Interface (UI) Features:

Data Object: Custom Layout for Object Bricks: (10.5)

It is now possible to configure custom layouts for object bricks, too, so you have more flexibility for defining custom layouts and also configure layouts for object brickfields.

Documents: Brick Preview Tooltip: (10.5)

With Pimcore 10.5, it is possible to add preview content while creating a brick. This will appear when a user tries to add a brick.

Performance Improvements for Big Datasets: (10.4)

In version 10.4, a significant performance improvement has been made to big datasets in grids and trees, focusing on non-admin users who must do additional permission checks. High performance is always a key to a better user experience.

Properties: (10.4)

To improve the user experience, the user can see the predefined file name instead of the key in the grid.

Asset Tree Optimizations: (10.4)

Optimization in the asset preview section has improved overall performance and reduced the server load.

Additional Delete Confirmation Window with Item Name: (10.5)

In Pimcore 10.5 additional pop-up windows are implemented before the user deletes certain elements like targeting rules/groups, custom reports, thumbnails, classificationstore and many more. Pop up window contains the item name about to be deleted.

Not just features, but also technical improvements:

10.4 Technical Improvements:

  • Store different versions of data in database table: Version 10.4 comes with the store versions depending on their size into a dedicated database and thus reduces load on filesystem and improves performance.
  • Thumbnail Improvements: Significant improvements have been made in the area of thumbnails to improve the performance (combination with(remote) object storage like S3) and image optimization routines.
  • Code Quality: We further improved our code quality and bumped it to php stan level 5 in our 10.4 release.

10.5 Technical Improvements:

  • Thumbnails: To further improve the remote storage usage, it is now possible to add width, height, and file size to the cache.
  • Countless deprecation fixes and updates of phpdoc for parameter types and return types
  • Pimcore Bundle: Support modern Symfony bundle structure and use native JS events for core events in admin UI
  • Added additional events for further customizing options
  • Symfony: Use new authenticator-based Security System

Many other improvements have been made and released in the 10.4 and 10.5 version release.

What’s coming next?

Pimcore X is completed, and efforts are underway for gearing up for Pimcore 11 release in the upcoming weeks and months.

Pimcore 11 key areas:

  • Upgrade to Symfony 6 and major versions of other dependencies, related work and improvements.
  • Introduction to strict typing parameters and return types.
  • Outsourcing certain modules to separate packages and bundles makes the core product leaner, more focused and easier to customize.
  • For sure, there will be cleanups and improvements as well.
  • And much more...




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